5 Solid Ways To Make Money Online Despite The Lockdown


The government has declared total lockdown in some states while curfew from morning till evening in others but then we have to feed.

It is no longer news that most companies have shut down due to the current pandemic “COVID-19”.

Most people are daily earners who feed on their day to day earnings but have been left stranded because of the government’s stringent rules.

Below are 5 legitimate online businesses you can do from home with your smartphones and earn enough to sustain yourself even beyond the lockdown period.

1. Blogging

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Freelancing

4. Information Marketing

Let me explain each of the businesses listed above in a detailed format so you all can understand them all.

Let’s go 👇

1. Blogging

This is the act of designing and editing a blog. You can own a website where you write various articles ranging from News to Entertainment & sports for people to read.

While doing this, you can make money by running Google Ads, Sponsored post, offering Advertisement spaces and promoting affiliate products.

You might not necessarily own a blog but can work as a freelancer for blog owners and get paid.

I don’t need to write long explanation for you to understand this – I know you all know Teloaded is making money daily, you can become a Blogger like EazyNaija and cash out everyday.

2. Affiliate Marketing

This is also an online business where you partner with a company to sell or promote their products.

It is simply selling someone’s product by referring potential customers to their online store while you are paid a commission.

You have to register under the company as an affiliate then you will get a link which helps to know if a buyer is from you.

You can post LG products on your Facebook page and if anyone buys through your link, you will be paid a particular percentage. Now, 100 people or more buy through your link – you are in money.

3. Freelancing Writing (Content Writer)

This is a professional writing done by a freelancer. If you are a skillful writer why waste your talent on Twitter when you can join top freelance platforms and earn cool cash.

All you need to do is to Google search freelance sites, sign up, build your profile and upload a few samples of your writings.

I have some couples of friends who write Articles for Teloaded from the comfort of their bedroom and get paid for each of their post.

4. Information Marketing

Information Marketing, on the other hand, involves selling your knowledge in a particular field or on a particular topic to people through ebooks, audio, and online videos.

If you are good at Microsoft Word, you can create Ebook or Articles and upload it online teaching the step by step ways to getting some great stuff done, Market it online and you get paid in return.

You can make hundreds of thousands from the above online business right from the comfort of your room without spending much while you earn enough money to sustain yourself during this lockdown.

5. Youtube Video Creator

Millions of Nigerians are getting their Video uploaded on Youtube while they make so much money as people watch their videos for free on Youtube.

A whole lot of Youtubers in Nigeria are seriously cashing out doing what they know how to do best. While some post Comedy skits on their Youtube channel, some talks about Fashion, some post interesting News in form of video and they get back.

I have about 3 friends that earn between $5,000 – $8000 monthly creating Video contents out of random news to keep people informed on Youtube.

You too can get started today and you will start earning substantial amount of money from your Videos on Youtube.

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I hope you all enjoy this beautiful piece?

Which Of The Businesses Listed Above Do You Know About Already?

Which Other Online Business Can You Recommend For Anyone During This Lockdown?

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