Coronavirus: 5 Nigerians in China tested positive

5 Nigerians in China test positive for coronavirus -

Five Nigerians in China have tested positive for coronavirus, Daily Mail reports.

According to the Guangzhou Health Commission, four of them had visited an eatery called Emma Food multiple times.

The restaurant owner, alongside her daughter and another child, later tested positive for the contagion.

The five Nigerians with the infection were said to have been detected between March 28 and March 30, after the screening 3,779 travellers from high-risk countries.

Guangzhou which is situated 1,028 kilometres (638 miles) south of Wuhan, where coronavirus started from has no recorded 466 new cases.

A total of 197 people who had close contact with the patients have been tested and isolated.

Also, the owner of Emma Food, known as Zhuang, has been put under quarantine since April 1.

Zhuang’s 8-year-old daughter and her three-year-old playmate both were diagnosed with the deadly disease on the next day.