Coronavirus: Delta Police Commissioner orders DPO to arrest cleric for defying lockdown order


The Delta State Commissioner of Police, Muhammad Hafiz Inuwa, has requested the Divisional Police Officer, DPO of Otu-Jeremi Division to promptly capture the Imam of Ekakpamre people group in Ughelli South Local Government Area, Imam Muhammad Young Okotie for supposedly holding Jumat petition with other Muslim loyal in spite of the lockdown request of the State Government.

CP Inuwa who was enraged by the Imam’s penetrate of the law uncovered this in a phone talk with TELOADED in Warri, Delta State.

He additionally took steps to redeploy the DPO to another division on the off chance that he neglects to impact the capture of the Muslim minister.

In his words,”If the DPO neglected to impact his capture, I am letting you know, he is leaving that place since we should arraign that man,” similarly as he demanded that the Imam can’t be exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else.

Taking note of that the law isn’t a respecter of anyone, CP Inuwa said,”In reality, as a Muslim, I will be at the vanguard of arraigning him.”

CP Inuwa who noticed that everybody is equivalent in seeing the law, said the State Police Command has halted every single strict movement as a feature of measures to forestall the feared COVID-19 from tainting his men and companions of the Police.

As indicated by CP Inuwa,”It isn’t on the grounds that we are agnostics. It isn’t on the grounds that we don’t need strict exercises to occur, however this involves life and passing. Indeed, even in the scriptures,it charges us to be respecters of our pioneers.”

TELOADED reports that Imam Young Okotie and a hundred of Muslim dependable challenged the State Government’s lockdown request and held a Jumat petition uninhibitedly with the sponsorship of some military men who additionally revered with them.

The Muslim pastor was said to have purportedly compromised the DPO with a blade with the help of the military men on ground.