Coronavirus: Falana gives Nigerian govt 7 days to publish reports on Kano’s mysterious deaths


Femi Falana, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, has given Osagie Ehanire, Minister of Health, seven days to distribute the full report of the examination concerning the strange passings in Kano State.

There have been discussions in Kano over the strange passing of more than 600 people in the state.

Falana, in a letter routed to Ehanire on Sunday requested that the government assume control over the circumstance of Kano, including that the state government is overpowered.

He communicated worry over the internments led in the state with no official data from the legislature.

The announcement peruses to some extent: “During a press instructions held at Abuja seven days prior, you declared that the Federal Ministry of Health, the Kano State Chief Epidemiologist, Officials of the Kano Public Health Department and those of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) had started examination concerning the unusual passings and mass entombments right now going on in Kano State.

“We are upset by the internments which have since proceeded with no official data on the reason for the bizarre passings.

“The individuals of Kano State and Nigerians, when all is said in done, are concerned over the compounding wellbeing emergency as it might spread to different pieces of Kano State not yet influenced just as different pieces of the nation if not desperately tended to. Be that as it may, since the Kano State Government is totally overpowered, we thusly, approach the Federal Government to assume control over the administration of the emergency immediately.

He further mentioned for the confirmed genuine duplicate of the report of the joint examination by the Federal and Kano State Ministries of Health into the odd passings in the state.

Falana referenced that the solicitation was made in accordance with arrangements of the Freedom of Information Act, and Ehanire is required to distribute the report, “inside seven days of the receipt of this letter”.

“The report ought to incorporate the nature and reason for the passings, the quantity of losses and patients as of now experiencing treatment in clinics just as a blueprint of the measures being set up by the Federal Government to stop the weird passings including mass entombments.

“On the off chance that you neglect to consent to our solicitation, we will not stop for a second to summon the important arrangements of the law to urge official divulgence of the discoveries of the joint group comprised to explore the reason for the abnormal passings and mass internments in Kano State,” the announcement included.