Coronavirus: Selma Ahmed raises alarm, blames NCDC, Kano over death (Full Text)


A 70-year-elderly person, Mrs. Selma Ahmed, has prosecuted the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) and the Kano State government for the passing of her child in-law.

Ahmed, in a viral sound got by PRNigeria, griped about how both the NCDC and Kano State government deserted him because of suspected Coronavirus disease.

Responding, Dr Chinwe Ochu, NCDC Head of Prevention, Programs and Knowledge Management, NCDC, noticed that reaction to irresistible illnesses flare-ups, for example, COVID-19 at sub-national levels was driven by the states.

Ochu clarified that NCDC bolsters states in readiness and reaction to sickness flare-ups, including limit building, hands-on preparing, direction, and coordination.

“NCDC doesn’t have an office in Kano nor in any state, anyway NCDC bolstered states in setting up general wellbeing crisis tasks focuses run by states to guarantee viable coordination of a general wellbeing reaction.

“Tests have been gathered from close contacts of the ailing for testing,” Ochu included.

The NCDC, notwithstanding, guaranteed that Ahmed’s charges were being examined.

Sabitu Shu’aibu, Kano COVID-19 Response Team, said the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital (AKTH) was researching the man’s passing.

He included that the NCDC was at this point to supply testing offices and that its telephone lines have not been operational since three days because of the conclusion of the Kano lab.

Sabitu guaranteed that the AKTH and Murtala Muhammad medical clinic would be prepared for test assortment on Sunday.

The full transcript of her sound underneath:

“I am Selma Ahmed, talking from Abuja. I have an issue with Kano government and NCDC Kano. My child in-law has been debilitated since Monday. My little girl called me and revealed to me it was high fever and typhoid. I inquired as to whether she was certain it was typhoid fever, since, someone will say ‘it’s typhoid fever’ and from that point he will begin hacking and afterward wheezing. She said she was certain, that they had given him medications, and they were home ingesting the medications.

“On Tuesday, I called her, I said ‘how is he feeling,’ she said he was improving, gradually. I said alright, ‘since he is showing signs of improvement no issue.’

“Recently, around 3 am, she called me and said he could not talk anymore and his breathing was high. I revealed to her the issue could be COVID-19. In COVID-19, on the off chance that someone has fever, he can’t talk appropriately; he is hacking, what do you anticipate?

“It would be ideal if you surge him to the emergency clinic. Have you called ‘NCDC? She said truly, that they had been calling since the previous evening, and that all the telephone lines were not experiencing. Someone gave them another number, they were calling the number, it was ringing and no one was reacting to the call. Along these lines, I chose to call the NCDC in Abuja. At the point when I called, they said they would hit me up, that they would call the Kano branch and mention to them what was occurring.

“They asked me where he was. I said he had been taken to a private clinic in Kano. At the point when they took him to the universal emergency clinic in Kano, they conceded him and put oxygen. After about 60 minutes, another specialist came in and alluded them to Aminu Kano, that he was not reacting to the oxygen. I realized that the specialist was searching for an approach to drive them from the emergency clinic, yet I don’t accuse him.

“In this way, getting to Aminu Kano emergency clinic, they put him on oxygen once more. I called this Abuja NCDC once more, I asked them how far, in light of the fact that, they had left the worldwide emergency clinic and were in Aminu Kano Hospital. NCDC said they would go there. Ahn!! At regular intervals, I will call the NCDC in light of the fact that the ones in Kano were not reacting. He continued revealing to me that they would before long go there. When the thing was escaping hands, I called this man, kindly come clean with me, what’s going on?

“At that point he disclosed to me that the NCDC in Kano had been closed down. I said you realize they have been closed down and you are revealing to me they will before long go there, for what reason did you keep playing with my insight, he said sorry madam. So I called Raypower radio, I disclosed to them all, I was live on Raypower around 4’o clock and griped to them. In this way, I am holding the Kano government and the NCDC Kano, liable for the demise.

“What is tormenting me most presently is that my heart is broken into pieces. What will happen to my grandkids, when there is no NCDC in Kano?’ Please I need individuals to go to my guide. I am kicking the bucket, I’m an elderly person. I don’t need my youngsters to kick the bucket in Kano, no NCDC in Kano! It would be ideal if you individuals should go to my guide ooo!! They should come and help me. I’m passing on!

“They ought not give my youngsters access Kano bite the dust. NCDC in Abuja, if you don’t mind observe, FCT serve help me ooo, I am yelling to everyone.

In the event that you hear this one please help me, so they can proceed to test my kids and grandkids. If it’s not too much trouble help me that is all I need to state. My heart is broken into pieces. I am an elderly person, my age is 70 years. If you don’t mind help me, the overall population. In the event that there is anything anyone can do, they ought to accomplish for me. Much obliged to you everyone.”