Don’t stigmatize health facilities exposed to Coronavirus cases – Lagos Government


Dr Abiola Idowu, Executive Secretary, State Health Facility Monitoring and Accreditation Agency (HEFAMAA), made the request in an announcement on Thursday night.

Idowu was responding to a rundown of some wellbeing offices being flowed on the online networking as purportedly presented to COVID-19 cases in the state.

She said that such rundown didn’t exude from the office, nor the state Ministry of Health, through HEFAMAA, ever given such rundown.

As per her, shame can drive individuals to conceal the ailment to maintain a strategic distance from separation, keep individuals from looking for social insurance quickly and debilitate them from receiving sound practices.

Idowu clarified that some wellbeing offices may accidentally conceded or treated patients with COVID-19 without knowing.

She said that if such occurred, the office would be briefly shut for sterilization, while the staff would be prepared on disease, avoidance and control after which the office would be sheltered to carry on its ordinary activities.

Idowu, notwithstanding, spoke to the patients tainted with COVID-19 to forestall serious medical issues by revealing at the administration assigned office for treatment.

She likewise asked all wellbeing offices working in Lagos to hold fast carefully to the rule on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), and keep up a high level of doubt for COVID-19.

The HEFAMAA official secretary prompted them to hold fast carefully to the set down conventions for COVID-19 doubt.

She added that IPC would assist with diminishing human-to-human transmission and optional contaminations among close contacts and social insurance laborers.

Featuring a portion of the basic segments of the convention, Idowu clarified that every social insurance office must have an arrangement and a group set up to address COVID-19 issues.

As indicated by her, the convention incorporate triaging and allocating duty regarding warning or correspondence with the Lagos State COVID-19 reaction group through the 08000CORONA (0800 026 7662) cost free line.

She prompted offices against unapproved affirmation and treatment of affirmed COVID-19 cases.

Idowu cautioned that any office discovered abusing the set down convention of tasks, particularly concerning COVID-19 case, the administration would be endorsed in accordance with the degree arrangement of the law.

The official secretary said that lone offices endorsed by the state government for COVID-19 case the board were required to complete the administration of COVID-19 cases.

She encouraged people in the state to halt from giving panicky articulations to general society on activity of wellbeing offices.

Idowu said that such messages was equipped for creating turmoil and making the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic all the more testing.

“This is the workmanship of wickedness creators and phony news shippers who are set on causing alarm in the network and disintegrating the victories recorded in the fight against COVID-19.

“I, in this manner, encourage inhabitants to ignore the rundown completely and depend exclusively on the Ministry of Health and HEFAMAA for data on the activity of wellbeing offices and the board of COVID-19 cases particularly at this crucial time,” she said.