How To Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently And Still Keep Your Data


Have you lost confidence in the social media network — Facebook, and would need to dispose of it totally? All things considered, worry not, as you’re going to figure out how to permanently delete your Facebook account without losing your data.

First thing first; make a point to back up all your own documents or data that you’ve put away on Facebook (like photographs, video or post). Presently, you need to comprehend that Facebook permits clients to download duplicates of their photographs, recordings and other uploaded documents/data shared on the social system.

The most effective method to Backup All Your Personal Files On Facebook:

To do this, open the Facebook app on your telephone/program and go to ‘settings’. Presently, having done that, in the ‘General’ tab, simply cry ‘Deal with your record’, you’ll discover ‘Download your data’.

From here, you can download a duplicate of your data to keep or to move to another assistance.

Be that as it may, for security reasons, Facebook may demand for your password, which you’ll delicate so as to demonstrate your responsibility for said account. In this way, you simply follow the on-screen brief. When done, Facebook will begin creating your own chronicles which will be sent to your connection Email address inside 24 hours or less when it’s prepared.

Next, open your mail record and you’ll see that you have gotten an Email from Facebook saying, “Your download is prepared”. Simply open the mail and click on the connection at the base. This will re-direct you to the page where you can download your own chronicles. Simply click on “Download file” and reemerge your password.

At long last, your posted data will be downloaded in a document group which you can separate whenever from your framework.

Expelling Apps and Services.

Presently, before feeling free to delete your record through and through, you should first unlink all the apps and administrations that were connected to your Facebook account.

This is essentially an additional progression to ensuring that you’ve deleted all the data that you would have imparted to the apps and administrations you utilized.

So pushing forward, open ‘Settings’, and on the left you’ll see an ‘app setting’ alternative. Click on it and you’ll see all the apps that you’ve been utilizing, and are connected with that record. Simply drift around every one of them and click on the ‘x’ symbol to evacuate them. Also, do take note of that you can’t evacuate these apps on the double, so you need to do the procedure impartially for each app.

Erasing Your Facebook Account.

Since you’ve backed up your data and evacuated the entirety of the apps and administrations that are connected to your Facebook account, the following line of activity is to delete your record.

Once more, open ‘Settings’ and at the base of the page you’ll see a ‘Help’ choice, click on it. On the following page under dealing with your record, click on ‘Deactivating or Deleting your record’.

Having done that, extend the fourth alternative from the rundown of choices present on the screen, and click on ‘Let us know’. Doing this, you’ll be diverted to the last advance where you’ll at long last click on ‘delete my record’, and a spring up requesting your password will appear. Enter it and hit ‘alright’.

By following the above basic advances you have quite recently deleted your Facebook account. In any case, remember that your record must be deactivated for 14 days after which on the off chance that you don’t sign in, your record will be at last deleted permanently.