Maltreatment: China writes diplomatic letter, insists Nigerians must respect laws


The People’s Republic of China has composed the Federal Government of Nigeria, expressing the present circumstance of Nigerian residents in the nation concerning the Coronavirus pandemic.

There have been reports of uncaring treatment against the residents of Nigeria and other African nations in Guangzhou and other significant urban areas in the Asian nation.

In the letter from the Foreign Affairs Office of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government, circling via web-based networking media, the Chinese government proposed that the Nigerians might not have been absolutely submitting to the guidelines and guidelines of the urban communities in the battle against Coronavirus.

It said by the information provided details regarding April 21, 2020, by the Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, among Nigerian residents in Guangzhou, 56 cases have tried positive and 65 instances of close contact.

Some portion of the letter routed to the Consulate-General of Nigeria in Guangzhou stated, “We thus mercifully demand Consuls-General of Nigeria in Guangzhou to encourage Nigerian residents in China to conform to the law of the People’s Republic of China on the avoidance and treatment of irresistible illnesses, law of boondocks wellbeing and isolate of the People’s Republic of China, general wellbeing crisis guidelines, and so forth., bolster and help out the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government with any business related to anticipation and control of COVID-19.

“Additionally remind them to complete self-security, decrease open air exercises, abstain from going to swarmed regions, don’t arrange or take an interest in mass social affairs.”

African representatives had as of late took steps to close down their offices after it was clear that China no longer invites Africans into its significant urban areas, for example, Guangdong Province, Beijing and others.