Home Entertainment PARTYNEXTDOOR returns with another project titled “PARTYMOBILE”

PARTYNEXTDOOR returns with another project titled “PARTYMOBILE”


PARTYNEXTDOOR’s PARTYMOBILE comes to fans a whopping four years after his last full-length, PARTYNEXTDOOR 3 (P3).

While it breaks the naming convention of the previous three, little else has changed in the world of the man credited with ushering in a new era of moody and straight-talk-dependent R & B.

Party is here who Party was then—a masterful songwriter and under-regarded vocalist. He would rather tell a lover the truth about his feelings—or, in many cases, the absence of—than string them along.

Solemnity is something of a default for the singer, his curtness meeting its apex on songs like “SHOWING YOU” (“You’re still here for me/Even though I broke your heart a million times”) and “SAVAGE ANTHEM,” where he sings, “Don’t hold your breath/Don’t wait on my love.” OVO head honcho Drake pops up on “LOYAL” (as well as its remix, also featuring Bad Bunny), and yet the project’s most radio-friendly moment comes in the form of the Rihanna collaboration “BELIEVE IT,” where even in trying to atone for his misdeeds Party sings, “Hey, either believe me or you don’t.”

PARTYNEXTDOOR season is upon us. Check “SPLIT DECISION” off the album PARTYMOBILE and share your view.

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