[REVIEW] Peruzzi releases three-track, ‘3 EP (A Playlist by Huncho)’

Peruzzi releases 3 EP - Teloaded.com

On April 8, 2020, Nigerian singer, Peruzzi followed his 2019 debut album, ‘Huncho Vibez’ with a three-track playlist titled, ‘3 EP (A Playlist by Huncho).’ The EP is produced by VStix, Lussh and Speroach.

The EP celebrates everything that this writer admires about Peruzzi – his talent and his penmanship. Peruzzi can beautify almost any beat with his God-given talent and this EP is all shades of fire. However, the beat that birthed ‘D Side’ is old and something Peruzzi needs to get over as soon as possible.

That vibe has been over-used by Peruzzi and he needs to get off it like yesterday. Make no mistake, ‘D Side’ is still an amazing song, but it’s difficult to appreciate a good when you’ve been over-fed its sound for too long. Every song that Peruzzi dropped in 2018 was on this sound – it should stopped with Heartwork EP. He’s too talented to keep running on a cliche sound.

The problem with that sound is the percussion and the BPM. While ‘Show Working’ is an amazing song with beautiful melodies, the drum arrangement is still cut off that ‘revised pon pon’ percussion of Speroach and Fresh VDM. Nonetheless, Peruzzi‘s talent makes one forget the cliche as he kills the verses and hook.

‘Reason’ is also on that sound, but Speroach tries hard to mask it. The question is, ‘why can’t Peruzzi just get off this sound?’ Again, it’s a good song, but that song is old. It’s hampering Peruzzi. This guy can be one of the biggest acts in this country. 3 EP is good, it showcases some of the best things about Peruzzi and showcases familiar detraction for his music.