The full text of President Buhari’s broadcast on Coronavirus


Fellow Nigerians,

From the main signs that Coronavirus, or COVID-19 was transforming into a scourge and was formally pronounced an overall crisis, the Federal Government began arranging preventive, regulation and remedial measures in the occasion the malady hits Nigeria.

The entire instruments of government are presently prepared to stand up to what has now become both a wellbeing crisis and a monetary emergency.

Nigeria, tragically, affirmed its first case on 27th February 2020. From that point forward, we have seen the quantity of affirmed cases rise gradually.

By the morning of March 29th, 2020, the complete affirmed cases inside Nigeria had ascended to ninety-seven.

Unfortunately, we likewise had our first casualty, a previous representative of PPMC, who kicked the bucket on 23rd March 2020. Our considerations and petitions are with his family right now time. We likewise appeal to God for fast recuperation for those tainted and experiencing treatment.

Starting today, COVID-19 has no fix. Researchers around the globe are striving to build up an immunization.

We are in contact with these organizations as they move in the direction of an answer that will be confirmed by global and nearby clinical specialists inside the most limited conceivable time.

Until further notice, the best and most productive approach to abstain from getting contaminated is through standard clean and sterile practices just as social separating.

As people, we remain the best weapon to battle this pandemic. By washing our hands consistently with clean water and cleanser, purifying every now and again utilized surfaces and territories, hacking into a tissue or elbow and carefully holding fast to contamination anticipation control quantifies in wellbeing offices, we can contain this infection.

Since the flare-up was accounted for in China, our Government has been observing the circumstance intently and considering the different reactions embraced by different nations.

Without a doubt, the Director General of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) was one of ten worldwide wellbeing pioneers welcomed by the World Health Organization to visit China and understudy their reaction approach. I am by and by extremely glad for Dr Ihekweazu for doing this in the interest all things considered.

Since his arrival, the NCDC has been actualizing various systems and projects in Nigeria to guarantee that the unfriendly effect of this infection on our nation is limited. We request that all Nigerians bolster the work the Federal Ministry of Health and NCDC are doing, driven by the Presidential Task Force.

In spite of the fact that we have received techniques utilized internationally, our execution programs have been custom fitted to mirror our nearby real factors.

In Nigeria, we are adopting a two stage strategy.

To start with, to secure the lives of our kindred Nigerians and inhabitants living here and second, to safeguard the occupations of laborers and entrepreneurs to guarantee their families overcome this exceptionally troublesome time in pride and with expectation and significant serenity.

Until now, we have presented human services measures, outskirt security, financial and money related strategies in our reaction. We will keep on doing as such as the circumstance unfurls.

A portion of these measures will unquestionably make significant bothers numerous residents. Be that as it may, these are penances we should all be willing and prepared to make for more noteworthy’s benefit of our nation.

In Nigeria’s battle against COVID-19, there is nothing of the sort as an eruption or an under response. It is about the correct response by the correct offices and prepared specialists.

As needs be, as a Government, we will keep on depending on direction of our clinical experts and specialists at the Ministry of Health, NCDC and other applicable offices through this troublesome time.

I along these lines ask all residents to stick to their rules as they are discharged every once in a while.

As we are for the most part mindful, Lagos and Abuja have most of affirmed cases in Nigeria. Our concentrate in this way stays to desperately and definitely contain these cases, and to help different states and areas in the most ideal manner we can.

This is the reason we gave an underlying intercession of fifteen billion Naira (N15b) to help the national reaction as we battle to contain and control the spread.

We additionally made a Presidential Task Force (PTF) to build up a serviceable National Response Strategy that is being evaluated every day as the necessities change. This methodology takes universal accepted procedures yet embraces them to suit our one of a kind neighborhood conditions.

We will probably guarantee all States have the correct help and labor to react right away.

Up until now, in Lagos and Abuja, we have selected several adhoc staff to man our consider focuses and bolster our following and testing endeavors.

I additionally mentioned, through the Nigeria Governors Forum, for all State Governments to designate Doctors and Nurses who will be prepared by the NCDC and Lagos State Government on strategic and operational reaction to the infection in the event that it spreads to different states.

This preparation will likewise incorporate clinical agents from our military, paramilitary and security and insight organizations.

As a country, our reaction must be guided, deliberate and proficient. There is a requirement for consistency the country over. All irregularities in approach rules among Federal and State organizations will be disposed of.

As I referenced before, as at today we had ninety-seven affirmed cases. Lion’s share of these are in Lagos and Abuja. All the affirmed cases are getting the vital clinical consideration.

Our offices are right now striving to recognize cases and individuals these patients have been in contact with.

The couple of affirmed cases outside Lagos and Abuja are connected to people who have gone from these focuses.

We are along these lines attempting to guarantee such bury state and intercity developments are limited to forestall additionally spread.

In view of the guidance of the Federal Ministry of Health and the NCDC, I am coordinating the suspension of all developments in Lagos and the FCT for an underlying time of 14 days with impact from 11pm on Monday, 30th March 2020. This limitation will likewise apply to Ogun State because of its nearness to Lagos and the high traffic between the two States.

All residents in these territories are to remain in their homes. Travel to or from different states ought to be deferred. All organizations and workplaces inside these areas ought to be completely shut during this period.

The Governors of Lagos and Ogun States just as the Minister of the FCT have been informed. Moreover, heads of security and insight offices have likewise been informed.

We will utilize this regulation period to recognize, follow and detach all people that have come into contact with affirmed cases. We will guarantee the treatment of affirmed cases while limiting additionally spread to different States.

This request doesn’t have any significant bearing to emergency clinics and all related clinical foundations just as associations in human services related assembling and conveyance.

Besides, business foundations, for example,

a. nourishment preparing, conveyance and retail organizations;

b. oil conveyance and retail substances,

c. power age, transmission and dispersion organizations; and

d. private security organizations are likewise excluded.

Despite the fact that these foundations are excluded, access will be confined and observed.

Laborers in media transmission organizations, supporters, print and electronic media staff who can demonstrate they can’t telecommute are likewise absolved.

All seaports in Lagos will stay operational as per the rules I gave before. Vehicles and drivers passing on basic cargoes from these Ports to different pieces of the nation will be screened completely before flight by the Ports Health Authority.

Besides, all vehicles passing on nourishment and other fundamental compassionate things into these areas from different pieces of the nation will likewise be screened altogether before they are permitted to enter these confined zones.

As needs be, the Hon. Pastor of Health is therefore coordinated to redeploy all Port Health Authority workers recently positioned in the Lagos and Abuja Airports to key streets that fill in as passage and leave focuses to these confined zones.

Developments of all traveler airplane, both business and personal jets, are thus suspended. Exceptional grants will be given on a necessities premise.

We are completely mindful that such estimates will make a lot of hardship and burden numerous residents. Be that as it may, this involves life and demise, in the event that we take a gander at the shocking day by day cost of passings in Italy, France and Spain.

Nonetheless, we should all consider this to be our national and energetic obligation to control and contain the spread of this infection. I will along these lines solicit all from us influenced by this request to set aside our own solace to protect ourselves and individual people. This shared adversary must be controlled on the off chance that we as a whole met up and comply with logical and clinical exhortation.

As we stay prepared to implement these measures, we should consider this to be our individual commitment in the war against COVID-19. Numerous different nations have taken far stricter measures in an offer to control the spread of the infection with positive outcomes.

For inhabitants of satellite and worker towns and networks around Lagos and Abuja whose vocations will most likely be influenced by a portion of these prohibitive measures, we will send help materials to facilitate their torments in the coming weeks.

Besides, despite the fact that schools are shut, I have trained the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development to work with State Governments in building up a methodology on the best way to support the school taking care of program during this period without trading off our social separating arrangements. The Minister will contact the influenced States and concede to itemized following stages.

Moreover, I have coordinated that a multi month reimbursement ban for all TraderMoni, MarketMoni and FarmerMoni advances be executed with prompt impact.

I have additionally coordinated that a comparable ban be given to