Top 10 Nigerian Skit Makers You Should Know (Which Is Your Favorite?)


Are you bored, in need of some laugh therapy and you don’t care about attending comedy shows or you can’t afford to attend one?

You can’t even attend any even if you can afford it because of this coronavirus social distance and lockdown order.

It is no longer a surprise that social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, are the places to go if someone wants the world to know about an idea they have dreamed of.

As Nigerian Number 1 Online Platform, We have made a list of top 10 Nigerian comedy skits makers you should know

Note:- This list is in no particular order

Mr Macaroni

AFter trying his hands on acting movies, Mr Macaroni made the most remarkabe switch to comedy.

In most of his skits, he usually plays the role of a sugar daddy, looking for a side chick and it is always full of adventures.

His videos are loved because of their uniqueness and lessons that viewers learn at the endings.

Watch one of Mr Macaroni’s comedy skits below:-


Lasisi Elenu

The king of rants as he is popularly known, Lasisi is a multi-talented candidate on IG comedy sphere.

His funny serious way of detailing his experiences is why many can’t get enough of him.

Looking for a good laugh? Just visit his page and have the time of your life.

Watch one of Lasisi Elenu’s comedy skits below:-



This is one of the most famous female comedians on Instagram. She is hilarious and has carved a niche for herself with her rib-cracking videos and skits.

This has also gotten the attention of brands who patronize her to advertise for them on her platform because of her large following.

Watch one of Maraji‘s comedy skits below:-


MC Lively

Nigerian number one unemployed graduate as he claims.

He has designed an area of specialization with his comedy skits that usually center around current issues in Nigeria.

Watch one of Mc Lively’s comedy skits below:-



This masterpiece is very talented and popular in the Nigerian entertainment industry

She is known for her exceptional way of recreating herself into different characters to fit in a single comedy skit.

When you think you’ve seen it all, Taooma will always keep getting you yet another masterclass comedy skit.

Watch one of Taaooma‘s comedy skits below:-


Broda Shaggi

His brand of comedy is just a whole different level of comedy as he portrays the rugged Yoruba version of comedy

Aside he’s comedy skits, he has a number of hit songs attached to his name

Watch one of Broda Shaggi‘s comedy skits below:-



Another member of the skit community, Twyse takes it up to a level that allows him to show his range of acting skills.

His talent has helped him work with more mainstream acts like Falz. So clearly this is a man with the ability to command attention outside his traditional playing ground.

Watch one of Twyse‘s comedy skits below:-


Sydney Talker

He is known for his distinct facial expressions and sarcastic videos. His funny face earned him the nickname ‘Mr. Bean of Nigeria’.

The skit that made him popular was the Comedy Video he had with Davido.

Sydney Talker is a very calm person, gentle, loving and can be daring sometimes.

Watch one of Sydney Talker‘s comedy skits below:-



Nastyblaq can be seen as the newest among these set of successful comedian

He has a style of doing short comedy skits that always have meaningful endings within seconds.

Watch one of Nastyblaq‘s comedy skits below:-


The Cute Abiola

The Cute Abiola has been around for a while, but his impact online this year cannot be ignored.

With various ribs cracking skit back 2 back, this young talented comedian is no doubt a blessing.

Watch one of Cute Abiola‘s comedy skits below:-


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