[VIDEO] Zulum gives a Igbo woman, teacher of 31 years triple promotion


Borno Governor, Umara Zulum, has given a cash reward and quickened advancement to Mrs Obiagelli Mazi, a lady who has served in the state for a long time.

Mrs Obiagelli, a level 12 class instructor, hails from Abia state.

In a slanting video, Zulum during an excursion at 6:30 am on Friday to evaluate offices at Shehu Sanda Kyarimi Primary school under Jere neighborhood government met Mrs Obiagelli previously sitting tight for her students.

Zulum praised and remunerated her with individual cash of N100,000 almost multiple times her month to month compensation of N35,000.

He has likewise affirmed an official request advancing her from class educator to colleague headmistress, a triple advancement.

On Saturday, PRNigeria cited that the Chairman, Borno State Universal Education Board, SUBEB, Shettima Kullima as saying the advancement had been passed on to the devoted instructor.

This followed Zulum’s mandate that the Board audit the lady’s polite help position, her capability (NCE) and suggest her advancement.

Kullima clarified that despite the fact that the lady was not a college graduate, “her training experience and duty earned her the advancement”.

Zulum, on Twitter, stated: “Yesterday, as right on time as 6:30 in the first part of the day, I paid an unscheduled visit to Shehu Sanda Kyarimi II Primary School to perceive how we can improve the foundation in that and I met educator, Mrs. Obliageri Mazi, an Igbo Christian from Abia State who served for a long time in the Borno state.

“Despite the fact that it was early, I met none of the educators and their students on the ground yet just her.

“Her sexual orientation, clan, religion or condition of birthplace doesn’t shock me however her energy, excitement, devotion, responsibility or more all enthusiasm do amaze me a great deal. As a Government, we are forcefully pleased with her!”