“Yoruba Boys Talk Too Much, Igbo Boys Are Better” – Beauty Queen, Ronke Tiamiyu Says


Former beauty queen, Ronke Tiamiyu has stirred tribal sentiments by pinning her failed relationships on the particular guys she dated

According to the former Miss Charismatic , Yoruba guys talk too much which explains why her first relationship could not stand the test of time. She further opined that Igbo guys are better as they are coded to date.

She took to her Snapchat to say this:

“Seriously I think Yoruba boys talk too much, no offence. I dated an Igbo boy in that same Lagos for 2 years plus and nobody hears am, just few of his close friends, the Yoruba boy i dated after him under a week, the relationship was the talk of the town.” She said

“I was shaken because I was still forming coded, as we both agreed to keep it on the low, he told everyone that cared to know and the relationship. The relationship did not even last for 2 months, not being tribalistic but damn, some Yoruba boys talk way more than women.” She continued

She further revealed that if she ever flaunts her man, it means the end for her.

“I love my relationship on the low, impress me and not the street, if i ever flaunt my man, just know i have reached my final bus stop, maybe on our introduction or traditional marriage not even engagement.”